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  • Does a freelance writer ever stop studying?

    To be a successful freelance writer and basically to exist in the virtual world the key is to learn, study and share knowledge. For the first timers, here are some tips: 1. Knowledge versatility - all writers need to be aware of various subjects as this helps to understand clients' requirements in various fields. A certain subject may not be the strength, but knowledge about it is an added boon. Start organizing your rss feeds or twitter lists to provide rejuvinating and intelligent information. 2. From General to Specialized - Here is where ...

  • Eggs! The new way of expressing?

    It's funny somehow at different parts of the world, people are protesting by throwing eggs! A few days ago in Indonesia the Islamic group (FPI) protested outside the office of the minister of internal affairs by throwing eggs into the office.. http://www.detiknews.com/read/2012/01/12/130653/1813634/10/demo-perda-miras-massa-fpi-lempari-kemendagri-dengan-batu-telur Another egging episode has occurred in Beijing today over the cancelation in launching the iPhone 4S http://asiancorrespondent.com/73780/crowd-too-big-beijing-apple-store-cancels-sale/ It's a good thing that riots has progressed to less violence like egging but did it have to be the smelly substitute?

  • Confusion, Confusion!

    A few days ago there was a tweet from @Gilaband which mentioned that lots of Bahasa people Liked their Facebook Page because "Gila" means Crazy in Bahasa. They find it quite peculiar as Gila is a place in New Mexico, USA. (Ref: @Gilaband -twitter) Another Language blunder, should I say?, has been made by Dell with its new Tablet called 'Peju' which is a slang for 'sperm' in Indonesia! They're going to have quite a time marketing in Indonesia, I suppose. (Ref:) Lastly let's also be careful where we say "Susu" ...

  • Globalization you think its New? Well, its not!! As old as 1914

    Globalization a process of interaction and integration amongst people, companies and governments aided by International Trade and Information Technology is surprisingly not a new process! In fact, it’s as old as 1000 years and eminent even before the First World War in 1914! For instance, the renowned Silk Road across Central Asia which connected China and Europe is a prominent proof of globalization during the middle Ages. For centuries, people and corporations have been actively taking part in trade between countries. This is probably a well- known fact, even our ...

  • Rafael Tzur IFOREX

    For the past year Mrs. Sakhi Keswani has been serving us endlessly, providing us professional translations. The translations were done in various languages: Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog. All our translation requests were answered promptly in a professional manner, the agency quotations were fair and beyond all we enjoyed working with Sakhi and her company.

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