Does a freelance write erver stop studying ?

Does a freelance write erver stop studying ?

To be a successful freelance writer and basically to exist in the virtual world the key is to learn, study and share knowledge.

For the first timers, here are some tips:
1. Knowledge versatility – all writers need to be aware of various subjects as this helps to understand clients’ requirements in various fields. A certain subject may not be the strength, but knowledge about it is an added boon. Start organizing your rss feeds or twitter lists to provide rejuvinating and intelligent information.

2. From General to Specialized – Here is where you move to choose the subjects most interesting to you and create a niche. In today’s world specialization is key, as every field on its own is vast and mastering it is something which needs diligence and patience. Work towards the titles ‘Fashion blogger’ or ‘Forex writer’, read more, take courses and gain certification in the field of your choice.

3. Now, you are a pro – well.. Here is where you would say, enough already, I am experienced and well versed enough with my subject, But is that ever the case? Creating a niche is one thing, but being most aware and deepening your knowledge of your specialization, according to current trends, is another. Imagine reading our favourite Yahoo! news in Shakespearean language!

4. Development & Learning – Back to the start, a freelance writer never stops studying. There’s always a peak that every author reaches and its important to keep your mind working so its time you learn something new, take a hobby course or even learn a new software that will only add on to your resume.. These little courses help to refresh the mind.

Inspite of all the courses, certificates and degrees learning will never stop, but hey let’s look at the positive, at least there will be less chances for a writer to get Alzheimer’s.. !