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  • Globalization you think its New? Well, its not!! As old as 1914

    Globalization a process of interaction and integration amongst people, companies and governments aided by International Trade and Information Technology is surprisingly not a new process! In fact, it’s as old as 1000 years and eminent even before the First World War in 1914! For instance, the renowned Silk Road across Central Asia which connected China and Europe is a prominent proof of globalization during the middle Ages. For centuries, people and corporations have been actively taking part in trade between countries. This is probably a well- known fact, even our ...

  • Word-by-word Translation maybe free, but is free always better??

    Take a look at the poem written in the Indonesian language below. It has been translated to English using the free Google translation tool. Towards the end of the poem, you will realize you either did not understand a phrase or two and were downright confused or didn’t even have a heartfelt feeling for it. The poem was written during the Jakarta riot phase and was dedicated to the spirit of Unity. How imperative must it be for the poem’s gist, it’s feeling and it’s love to be ...

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