Word-by-word Translation maybe free, but is free always better??

Word-by-word Translation maybe free, but is free always better??

Take a look at the poem written in the Indonesian language below. It has been translated to English using the free Google translation tool. Towards the end of the poem, you will realize you either did not understand a phrase or two and were downright confused or didn’t even have a heartfelt feeling for it. The poem was written during the Jakarta riot phase and was dedicated to the spirit of Unity. How imperative must it be for the poem’s gist, it’s feeling and it’s love to be as heart throbbing as its original piece; else its meaning gone, its essence completely lost… all in wrong translation.

“Air matamu mengiris hatiku halus
kuusapkan telapak tanganku ke wajahmu yang pucat
terlihat ketakutan kehilangan akan nafasmu
nafasmu yang mengalir dalam nafasku”

“Kubelai rambutmu dengan kelembutan angin malam
terasa getaran menyatu diujung jari-jari
tak kuasa menahan gejolak kasih
limpahan nuansa kejora malam yang tak bertepi”

Poem translated in English by Google:
Your tears my heart sliced finely
kuusapkan palm of my hand to your face is pale
visible fear will lose your breath
your breath flowing in my breath
I stroked your hair with softness of the night wind
vibration felt tip fused fingers
could not withstand the turmoil of love
abundance of nuance Morning endless night

Translation performed by Vernacular World’s professional:
Your tears have shredded my heart to bits
I use my palm to stroke your stricken face
I feel you fear the loss of your breath
The breath that dwells within my breath

I caress your hair like the softness of the night wind
I feel the vibrations of unity on my fingertips
I feel powerless and can’t hide my affection
Pouring in abundance like a never ending night.

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